Indira Cancer Trust's Projects
Needs Of Patients

Too many families are weighed down by financial burdens at the worst time of their lives, as they battle with cancer. We are committed to ensuring that our children and our families have the support and resources they need for a fair chance to fight back.

Indira Cancer Trust provides limited financial assistance for co-pays, transportation, home care, and child care and is dedicated to eradicate the financial barriers that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

(1)  Transport Allowance
Total Number of Transport Allowances

Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for themselves or a loved one and transport costs can be exorbitant. The Indira Cancer Trust will reimburse a one-way bus or train ticket of such families upon submission of the bus/train ticket

(2)  Funeral Support
Total Number of Funeral Supports

Though the battle with cancer is filled with hope and expectation to return to normal life, there are times we face patients who have lost their fight with cancer, and the friends and family members who are left to cope with their loss. Many families are burdened by an additional financial challenge to give their departed family member a befitting end.

Indira Cancer Trust support such families with all final rites, casket and transport provided free of charge to their residence.

Contact us on our helpline dedicated to support you on any day from 7am to 7pm for further details

(3)  Support For Blood & Scan Investigations
Total Number of Support For Blood Investigations
Total Number of Support For Scan Investigations

The first steps in the battle with cancer is the diagnosis and the treatment. We understand that these steps are financially challenging at the loss of at least one source of income. Whilst the Apeksha Hospital Maharagama concludes the setting up of the genetic laboratory. Indira Cancer Trust can support you in obtaining the necessary genetic test to aid the treatment process. The priority support is given to paediatric cancer patients.

In addition to the blood investigations Indira Cancer Trust also supports scan investigations when there is no availability of the same at the treating government hospital.

Contact us on our helpline dedicated to support you on any day from 7am to 7pm for further details

(4)  Support For Medications
Total Number of Supports For Medications

Whilst the Sri Lankan health service is free and all services including the provision of medicine is given to patients free of charge, there are numerous occasions that the required medicine may not be available at the treating hospital. In this instance Indira Cancer Trust steps in, provides medication to a patient up to the value of LKR20,000 per patient on receiving a completed request form, from the treating consultant.

(5)  Support For Equipment
Total Number of Support For Equipments

Assisting accessories including diapers for adults and children, wheelchairs, crutches, wheelchair commodes etc.) for patients with cancer are provided on receiving requests, verified by the treating consultant. The support has also extended to supporting artificial limbs for patients with bone cancer on receiving requests and a thorough background check.

(6)  Nutritional Support
Total Number of Nutritional Support

Lack of nutrition is a frequent problem in cancer patients due to the financial challenges faced by the family during a standstill in their livelihood activities. This can lead to prolonged hospitalisation and a slow response to cancer treatment.

Indira Cancer Trust provides the required nutritional support including, Pediasure supplement for children or Sustagen / other supplement powder for adults on receiving the relevant request from the treating medical team.

(7)  Dry Ration Packs
Total Number of Dry Ration Packs

The COVID situation has given rise to new requests and one such need identified was the impoverishment that families go through. Many patients came to the Indira Cancer Trust requesting for food items and this initiated the dry ration distribution programme which has a pack worth of Rs3,000 given free of charge to the patient with cancer on production of relevant documentation confirming the same.

Contact us for further details on our dedicated helpline on any day from 7am to 7pm