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Sri Lanka Launches the FIrst Mastectomy Bra!

19th of October 2022
Sri Lanka Launches the FIrst Mastectomy Bra!

In continuing with activities for Breast Cancer Month Indira Cancer Trust has collaborated with several partners including the Sri Lanka Society of Breast Surgeons, Roshan Mahanama Trust, Chrystell Luxary wellness and Bobby International launch the Mastectomy Bra on the 19th of October 2022..

The launch of the bra signifies an important milestone for patients who have lost one or both breasts to cancer. This high-quality product is being produced by one of the market leaders in Sri Lanka for underwear, Bobby International with the comfort for patients in mind. This product is distributed free of charge by Indira Cancer Trust through the generous sponsorship provided by Christell Luxury Wellness .

The Bra is given free of charge to patients together with the prosthesis and will be available at Indira Cancer Trust, as well as selected hospitals throughout the country..