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Indira Cancer trust gathered to review work with core team.

Sometimes You Have to Look Back to Move Forward. As the year comes to a close, most of us are looking forward and making plans for the coming year-but sometimes to move ahead you must look back. We at Indira Cancer trust wanted to review our work with our core team including patron , trust board, coordinators and staff in order to help patients and their families more. And this was exactly what we did before the dawn of the new year . We gathered and It was important to take stock of the work, lives supported ,asking, reflecting. and assessing what we have learned. 2023 is a significant year for Indira Cancer Trust with the opening of Suwa Arana on 29 June 2023. So we look forward to supporting and helping more and bring about smiles. We as a team are so thankful for the guidance and support extended to us to continue our work