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I-CAN-CER VIVE – A Helping hand through your Cancer Journey

When one is diagnosed with Cancer, it’s not only the medication that’s solely important for your recovery. Our lifestyle and mind frame plays a great role…

Malaika Kanangara Gunawansa is indeed an inspirational lady. She came to the Indira Cancer Trust with the intention of Volunteering especially for the counseling session. This little booklet of information was put together by Malaika to help anyone suffering from cancer or their family member to help in their journey of recovery from cancer.

"I am a Cancer Survivor, I was diagnosed with late stage of Primary Peritoneal Cancer. It’s called a silent cancer as it shows no symptoms until you are in a late stage and you fall ill. This is also such a rare cancer that only 1 in two million people get it. During my amazing journey, I realized how blessed I was with all the love and support from my family, friends and the medical team. This booklet will give tips on overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy as well as how to eat a balanced diet at home."

You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.

Helping hands through your cancer journey is available in all 3 languages and with the help of friends and family, money was raised to publish 20,000 books to be freely distributed to cancer centres, societies, trusts and hospitals. A web link is also created for anyone who wishes to read online and print the book via link.