Volunteer Testimonials

Dr. Sudarshani Wasalathanthri

“I am Dr. Sudarshani Wasalathanthri. I have been involved in the financial aid counseling Program of ICT since March 2018. During these sessions I have been able to counsel patients, explore their inner talents and encourage them to start on a livelihood program which will make them financially independent. Also I make it a point to use my counseling sessions to train my patients to look at the positive side of life in every circumstance they face. I consider myself fortunate for joining hands with ICT to support these patients who are in need of our love and support.”

Devika Bodhinayake

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude, of those who have lighted the flame within us. The spirit of Indira cancer Trust is truly amazing.. They are a team of happy, kind, generous and energetic people, who make Others Happy In many Incredible ways ! I feel blessed & love to work as part of this team”

Harshani Kamalarathna

“I am Harshani Kamalarathna, a volunteer Counselor of Indira Cancer Trust since February 2018. This opportunity to work as a volunteer Counselor of financial and educational aid programs of this Trust, dedicated to enhance the well-being of cancer patients which is very heart touching experience I have ever had in my life. By understanding psychological states of patients and their closed ones, I have chances to listen to them and hold their hands when they need it. After they open up themselves, there will be smiles on their faces always. The smiles of them bring a lot of happiness to my life which is realized me about how this program encourage them to identify their strengths and skills in order to uplift their well-being. ICT enhance psychological and social well-being through the empathy towards those in need and guide them to find the positive paths of lives with our support. I am very proud to being a part of Indira Cancer Trust family. Because this is the place I realized that “There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life” (Mary Rose Mcgeady)”

Karen Amarasinghe

The experience of being a volunteer at Indira Cancer Trust has become a unique part of my life. I began volunteering at ICT to help and bless others however through my experience I’ve found that it has brought a whole new perspective to my life. Volunteering is an opportunity to offer patients and their family members a sense of support, comfort, understanding and respect. The humbling reward for the investment of time and emotional energy given each day is knowing that you’ve made a difference in their lives at ICT . Patients gratitude for what we do is abundantly witnessed by their smiles and frequent expressions of “Thank you.” Being a volunteer is simply AWESOME!!!

Dushy Wanigasuriya

“ It has been twenty five years since my mother passed away from cancer and since then I have been engaged in various programs to help people. I found Indira Cancer Trust two years ago and I’m very glad that I could help people with Cancer through this organization. I also feel very motivated in helping people in the Wig Program and Birthday Program for children in the Apeksha Hospital. I also cherish the moments of joy of patients who receives the wigs and when they look at the mirror and their innocent smiles of happiness. So as the kids when they receive the birthday gifts and when they forget the entire world and enjoy the gifts. All these were possible because of Indira Cancer Trust and its volunteers, who are wholeheartedly committed for this worthy cause. There is still very much more to achieve and I’m sure we can overcome any challenges in the future. ”

Chitrika De Mel

“As a cancer survivor I was on the look out for a way of lending my support to those battling with cancer. Upon hearing of the Indira Cancer Trust and having attended an orientation programme I was instantly drawn to volunteer with them from its very early stages and be a part of this great initiative reaching out to thousands of those in need. Being a part of the Wig donation and Counselling programmes witnessing the positive impact it makes on the patients, and how social stigma is distanced from them is truly fulfilling. In addition the monthly visits to the pediatric wards visiting the children with gifts on their birthdays and seeing the smiles on their faces even though they are in pain gives me a sense of humble pride and joy knowing that being a part of the ICT and the work they do serves its purpose in its entirety.”

Joan Hyde

“I am a retired nurse but my desire to be of help to people who have gone through the trauma of treatment for cancer, is as great as it was when I first set out to become a nurse. At Indira Cancer Trust I discovered like minded people who possess sympathy and empathy but are pragmatic and want to provide the best for the less fortunate who come through the doors asking for help. We make a great team because we always keep in mind the most important part of volunteering is the reason we volunteer and that is to make a difference in a patient’s life. There are so many aspects to the wig donation program that anyone can find something to do and do it well. Of course we as individuals also get something out of our endeavours, a sense of satisfaction that we are able to make our wig recipients SMILE. Perfect….”

Dakshinie Karunaratne (Mineli & Gavin)

“One good deed begets another!” – When my daughter wanted to donate her hair for Poson of 2017, we looked around but found no place to donate hair locally: her hair was posted to USA. Very soon after, quite by chance, I came across a post on Facebook asking for volunteers to ICT and have never looked around since, for more inner fulfilment. The joy in the eyes of a person in a new wig which gives back the look they had, is enough! That July 2017 was unbelievable - from the moment the word was out of a facility to donate hair locally, people including males, were lining up to Ramani Fernando Salons; that interest keeps growing even after almost two years. The very first lot of hair we got, cut prior to and at the inauguration on 20th July 2017, had 118 samples weighing 5.515kgs. We were shocked at the numbers but that is nothing compared to loads we get today! For the very first sorting of hair on 21st July, we didn’t have enough hands: my twins, Mineli & Gavin, offered to help. They gladly came later too but liked the work so much that they wanted to be volunteers themselves, not just be children of one! For goodness to prevail in the world, we need to encourage the young early in life. We have many happy ‘ICT stories’. We do cry at times but they are always happy, content tears for another. Come, join the ‘Hair Team’ and be a part of this inspiring work!

Ridma Samaranayake

The Art and Craft camp is a program done by Indira Cancer Trust to engage with kids in the pediatric wards in creative manner as well as to express their ideas in creative way. We have been conducting the program for last two years with the support of generous sponsors and volunteers around the country. This program privileges the public to engage with kids in their creative activities and share their feelings and emotions. It was always my pleasure to work with ICT and to conduct the programs. Working with kids in paediatric wards have given me the opportunity to benefit kids as well as the parents to open their creative minds and to make their lives more colorful and bright. I'm always grateful to ICT for giving me and my team this opportunity.

Sumudu Hewawasam

Use life tragedies as opportunities to reach horizons. "While medicine may cure your body, it can't in itself make you happy. Isn't it? Only with thorough understanding and genuine acceptance of life realities (mind and its functions) can disturbing emotions be transcended. This is much more than a philosophy / knowledge. This is relevant to everyday life and living. By providing counselling for wig recepients and music therapy for cancer patients and their families, we invite and facilitate them to explore more on life and use this challenging period as a new opportunity, as a spring board to bounce back from life's jigsaw puzzle... We precisely know that your life is your best teacher and mine is the same."

Sonali Perera

I have been a permanent volunteer at the Indira cancer trust from inception in April 2017... I am also one of the coordinators for the birthday program where we bring joy and light up the lives of little kids who don’t know what the next day will bring... as I person I am compassionate to my fellow human beings and willingly find the time to get involved in CSR activities organized and sponsored by my company... participation at all these projects are carried out with great zest and utmost joy... from June this year I decided to volunteer of my time every Saturday for half a day helping in the Indira cancer trust office to streamline the birthday program and ensure a smooth operation .... I am proud and privileged to be a part of this noble cause and help put a smile on the face of a little child who is less .

Chamalka Mutucumarana

I had the pleasure of joining Indira cancer care trust in 2016 to volunteer to help little kids at the hospital. A friend of mine introduced me to this worthy project. I have been working with the trust for almost three years. Being a Montessori teacher by profession I was motivated to work with kids, my grandmother was also a cancer patient and I felt that I should be of service in whichever way I could. I ‘m one of the coordinators managing the Birthday program. With the help of Lassana Flora who generously helps by giving a toy and treat to the kids. This gesture adds a smile to the little ones faces. Which is a very fulfilling experience. Working with the Indra Cancer Trust is rewarding, and teaches me to appreciate life and be thankful for what I have been blessed with in life..

Charu Theevarathanthri

Quite contrary to the ideas of ‘indulge yourself’ that are being constantly fed to us through popular media today, volunteering has brought to light an age-old formula for happiness for me and my family; the more we give, the happier we feel. Giving, whether you give money, time or compassion, is deeply fulfilling. But giving of your time and compassion, without any expectations of returns, is infinitely more fulfilling than sharing a portion of your wealth that is left over after you have taken care of all your needs and wants.

I believe this is because you are giving things - time and compassion - that cannot be replenished. I was lucky enough to discover this early in life. When you find a good thing, you must share it. So I introduced the idea of volunteering early to my four children. They are all teenagers now, and reaping countless benefits for themselves out of volunteering.

Through the years of giving of our time for the benefit of others, we have gained as much as the people we have helped, maybe even more. Our confidence and self-esteem have grown due to that sense of completing a duty by giving back to our community, and helping make a difference in someone’s life. It has given us a stress-free oasis of quality time away from the overwhelmingly busy, mostly humdrum lifestyle. We have noticed a feeling of being uplifted, and a definite positive impact on our physical and mental health. We have gained numerous new skills and an enormous amount of knowledge in areas that we would not normally be exposed to. Our horizons have been broadened, and we have connected with people across boundaries, which has made us grow and enhance our social awareness and emotional intelligence. But the best benefit of all is the deep and lasting sense of satisfaction and joy that stays with you, and colours the whole world for you.

When you volunteer, you give without expecting, and you give something that cannot be reacquired. The blessings of this act are infinite. You see the world change right before your eyes; you make it a better, happier place for everyone including yourself.